Creative arts, including music, gives voice to First Nations people. It creates employment, provides attainable aspirations for young people and plays a critical role in political change and healing. We aim to cultivate space for First Nations people to learn, be mentored, develop skills, and be supported to continue their journey independently – often within the mainstream sector. We aim to work collaboratively with industry to reduce barriers and improve access.

There are a lack of development opportunities in the creative industries for First Nations people. The community is underrepresented in the music sector which includes performing artists, producers, sound engineers and industry management. This lack of representation contributes to the ongoing cycle of programming, exhibitions and music lacking the diverse and strong First Nations creative community. We want to open opportunities to emerging artists to be mentored by First Nations people who are in the industry, which contributes to culturally safe and welcoming environments. This extends to visual art and public art where there we aim to promote First Nations people into arts administration and curatorial roles across the sector. Mentorship and development opportunities for emerging artists to engage with senior artists is critical, and we want to help open access to opportunities in institutions and leading arts organisations.

Adam Briggs Foundation provides structures for artists and arts workers to access programs that contribute to developing their skills and experience, support in practice based workshops and access to mentors and First Nations role models across music and visual arts.

Adam Briggs Foundation also acts as a conduit between community and arts and music organisations to connect and support relationships.


Our vision is to create quality programs with big impact. We will nurture and support First Nations excellence within the creative industries, particularly music, by creating spaces, strong partnerships and developing support programs for emerging and established artists. Programs are nationally focussed, and reflective of community needs to develop skills with industry professionals and in a culturally strong and safe environment.


  • Growth – community, culture, First Nations artists. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities include many artists on the verge of taking their musicianship and creative practices to the next level.

  • Instilling a sense of leadership (young and old), working together and with community leaders and Elders to create culturally safe spaces of development and strength.

  • Staying in touch with artists and the community. Helping remove obstacles that artists (particularly young people) are facing in the commercial mainstream music industry and other creative industries.

  • There will be distinct pathways through the programs for young people and established artists. Our focus will start with young people in select geographic areas/cohorts, and as the Foundation grows our reach will become wider.

  • Access the philanthropic and corporate sectors to genuinely advance First Nations young people and emerging artists and build lasting relationships with these partners.

  • Position ourselves as change makers with the arts sector and in community development.

  • We nurture talent, and utilise our extensive networks to curate safe and healthy opportunities for artists and arts workers. Creating programs that have positive and lasting effects for the artists and the industry.


The Adam Briggs Foundation has adopted a common set of principles that underpin all partnerships. The principles draw on Aboriginal community concepts and frameworks, and are the guiding principles for all Adam Briggs Foundation business.


The leading voices for Adam Briggs Foundation partnerships will be First Nations people. Practicing culture is healing. Culture will always be prioritised and recognised as a foundational element for self-determination.


First Nations respect structures will inform all activities which include our Elders as experts, LGBTQIA+ specific safety, caring for young people and caring for Country (including environmental considerations).


Communication between Adam Briggs Foundation and our partners will be clear, respectful and open.


All our partners, contributors, and community hold valuable knowledge and other valuable resources. Sharing these resources is in-line with Community ethics and is seen by Adam Briggs Foundation as good business practice.


All Adam Briggs Foundation partnerships aim for the empowerment of First Nations people, acknowledging that dispossession and marginalisation as a result of colonisation continue to create significant barriers and deficits.


First Nations people are talented, intellectual, creative and diverse. Adam Briggs Foundation will empower artists and arts workers to strive to be their best always, setting the bar high, and leading by example.